Thuya permanent gel for laminating eyebrows and eyelashes

Thuya permanent gel for laminating eyebrows and eyelashes


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Thuya Professional Line permanent gel for eyebrow and eyelash lamination

Thuya is a Spanish brand founded in Barcelona in 1988. He has been involved in the development and production of products for the cosmetics industry for many years. The company is represented in over 50 countries around the world, which is why it often participates in the largest international fairs.

Thuya eyebrow lamination is a product you can trust 100% out of many


– the chemical composition is very safe for health.

– are developed in our own laboratory in Barcelona.

– they undergo constant dermatological and ophthalmological tests and are certified.

– meet the requirements of high-quality control in accordance with European cosmetic standards (Genetest).

ATTENTION ! Hair previously exposed to chemical preparations (henna dyeing, bleaching, decolorization, wave), porous, dull, brittle, frayed – long-term styling should not be performed, it should undergo a regeneration process. For this purpose, it is recommended to use Thuya regenerative argan cream and eyebrow and eyelash growth serum at home.

Thuya lamination

Permanent gel for permanent and straightening eyebrows Thuya | Thuya permanent eyelash lifting gel is a product that is used to model the appropriate shape of eyebrows. After the treatment, the hair acquires the desired shape, becomes elastic and soft. They are easy to arrange without sticking. Eyebrow lamination, also called permanent eyebrow styling, is a treatment that changes the shape of the hair, giving it a new desired direction and a manageable structure. The treatment is intended for people with unruly eyebrows that grow in different directions and require taming. It is also perfect for eyebrows that look missing and invisible due to incorrect orientation.

Thuya eyebrow lamination makes the eyebrows wider, fluffier, even and fuller. Sulfide bonds – one of the keratin bonds, sensitive to ammonia and oxidants – are responsible for the natural shape of the eyebrows. This property of sulphide bonds allows the hair to be transformed from straight to curly and vice versa – then the bridges change their position according to the adjacent keratin chains. This process is called the reduction process, i.e. keratin softening.

It is used to change the natural curl of the hair. Thanks to it, we can curl our eyelashes or straighten unruly eyebrows. The preparation changes the shape of the hair by opening disulfide bridges thanks to the thioglycolic acid contained in it. Special caution should be exercised when using the products. An essential element of lamination is a neutralizer (step2), which will fix the hair in a new curl.

ATTENTION ! Do not adjust your eyebrows before lamination. Eyebrow depilation should be performed after the procedure to avoid irritating the skin before the procedure.

Thuya eyelash lift

Thuya eyelash lift will give you beautifully curled and laminated eyelashes for a long time!

Additionally, pay attention to the permanent gel, its color should be transparent – pink. The yellow color of the preparation indicates its uselessness. It is recommended to remove excess yellow preparation to obtain an even treatment effect. The unpleasant smell of the preparation is the norm. When styling the hair, you must pay attention to its length. Transitions should be smooth/gradual to avoid hair breakage.

Capacity: 15 ml

Application time: max 15 minutes

After the treatment, it is recommended to color with Thuya keratin dye and care with argan cream to nourish the hair.

Thuya lamination is the best choice in the eyebrow lamination and eyelash lifting category.

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