BrowXenna 202 Light Blond

BrowXenna 202 Light Blond


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BrowXenna 202 Light Blonde

Like the color BrowXenna 202 Light Blond, it is a color so light that when applied in its pure form, it practically does not stain hair or skin at all. In addition, the color 202 Light Blond has a greenish tint. Also recommended for owners of the Slavic type of beauty. This color is ideal for use in various combinations.
Recommended connections:

BrowXenna 202 Light Blonde (70%) + 101 Neutral Brown (30%)
BrowXenna 202 Light Blonde (80%) + 102 Cold Coffee (20%)
BrowXenna 202 Light Blonde (75%) + 103 Rich Brown (25%)
BrowXenna 202 Light Blond (60%) + 104 Light Chestnut (40%)
BrowXenna 202 Light Blonde ( 50%) + 105 Dark Blonde ( 50%)

BrowXenna 202 Light Blond is an innovative coloring product based on ground henna leaves, a mixture of herbs and organic compounds for permanent coloring of eyebrows with a tattoo effect. The rich palette of natural shades can be used individually or combined with each other. Natural ingredients of BrowXenna® eyebrow henna care for damaged and weak hair, strengthening it with each treatment and restoring the natural shape of the eyebrows. The face becomes more expressive and symmetrical, which makes it more attractive

BrowXenna® eyebrow henna is a product…

which, as the first brand on the market, was created specifically for henna-based eyebrows;
which colors not only the hair, but also the skin;
as the only one on the market available in 12 shades;
chosen by over 20,000 customers in 43 countries;