Thuya argan-keratin dye for eyebrows and eyelashes

Thuya argan-keratin dye for eyebrows and eyelashes


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Thuya paints

Undoubtedly, Thuya is a Spanish brand that was founded in Barcelona in 1988.

He has been involved in the development and production of products for the cosmetics industry for many years.

The company is represented in over 50 countries around the world, thanks to which it often participates in the largest international fairs.

Paint – a chemical compound that contains the artificial pigment ammonia.

In Thuya paints, ammonia is replaced by ethanolamine. Without a doubt, it is a milder version of ammonia.
Thuya natural coloring

This certainly makes Thuya paints unique, because in addition to their coloring properties, they also have caring properties.

The paints have a noteworthy, unique keratin and argan formula, as well as additional components.

Indeed, such as: aloe vera, vitamins A, B1, B6 and B12, vitamins C and E, folic acid, minerals and lots of nutrients.

All this makes the dyeing process not only gentle on the hair, but also nourishes it and gives it shine.
It certainly restores the proper structure of the hair.
Eyebrow lamination dyes

A unique eyebrow and eyelash dye from the Spanish company Thuya, contains 3 ingredients that are responsible for its health properties.

Thanks to them and a delicate activator in cream or water, the dyes can be used even for weak hair.

Because working with Thuya dye is not only working with an artificial dye, but with a natural pigment found in the hair cortex.

That is why it is important to analyze the color of the product you want to work with. Find out more in our YouTube video.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of Thuya dye is that the color stays in the hair for up to 6 weeks. Therefore, it is not recommended to use paints more often.
Nourishing eyebrows after lamination

The unique nutrients of Thuya paint are argan oil, keratin and aloe.

Argan oil penetrates the pores of the hair and improves its elasticity and suppleness.

It nourishes the hair follicles in the growth phase, protects against excessive moisture, which in turn restores the shine of the hair.

It also has cosmetic properties: it contains natural antioxidants, maintains the natural moisture balance, slows down the aging process of hair, strengthens and nourishes eyelashes and eyebrows.

Keratin is the main building block of hair. When used in paint, it is intended to strengthen and rebuild.

Aloe has soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.

❗️ proper handling of paint is very important. When opening the package, remove the safety ring and then tighten the valve until it pierces the protective foil. This will prevent paint from leaking and oxidizing. Each time you use it, remove the oxidized paint from the beak and apply white paint to the glass.

❗️Before coloring, it is recommended to wash your eyebrows with water-based Thuya eye makeup remover.

‼️ The paint should be mixed with the activator in a 1:1 ratio

Paint operation scheme – each paint has a recommended holding time by the manufacturer.

In the case of Thuya it is up to 15 minutes and in the case of eyelash lift 10 minutes is sufficient time.

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