Jolash eyelash cleaner – eyelash degreaser 15ml

Jolash eyelash cleaner – eyelash degreaser 15ml


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Cleaner, i.e. the so-called degreaser. It is a product that prepares natural eyelashes for their extension. Thanks to the alcohol content in the composition, it perfectly cleans each hair of excess sebum, sebum and makeup residue.

Recommended as the first step in eyelash application.



1) To protect your clients from unpleasant irritation or the feeling of pinching, remember to use the minimum amount of cleaner. Use only micro-brushes or velor applicators for this purpose. Additionally, make sure that the amount of liquid is adequate and drain the excess onto a tissue or paper towel.

2) Never use cotton buds (so-called ear sticks) to apply the cleaner. Their remnants, i.e. microfibers, can cause a strong reaction with the glue and their residues on natural eyelashes can cause a slight smoking of the smoke and an exothermic reaction.

3) Make sure that the eyelash extension cleaner never comes into contact with the client’s skin. Always clean the eyelashes above the eye pads.

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