Biocleaner Lemongrass 12 ml

Biocleaner Lemongrass 12 ml


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BioCLEANER LEMONGRASS is a unique product designed for especially greasy eyelashes, which were characterized by reduced application durability. Especially recommended for clients with hormonal problems. The product prepares natural eyelashes for gluing in the styling process (extension, thickening). Biocleaner with lemongrass is designed to work in all humidity conditions. It is a hybrid product that combines the features of a cleaner, primer and accelerator. Biocleaner lemongrass – has two integral ingredients: • alcohol that degreases and cleans the eyelashes • diluted lemongrass extract, which contains terpineol, geraniol, limonene and myrcene. It has anti-seborrhea, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of these ingredients makes the eyelashes perfectly prepared for sticking: clean and strongly degreased. After using the biocleaner, the surface of the eyelashes is extremely degreased, which results in a strong and durable bond, directly affecting the durability of the application.
APPLICATION: Use on natural eyelashes, possibly washed with shampoo and well rinsed with water. Apply 1 drop on the microbrash. Drain off the excess by touching with a microbrush to e.g. a paper towel. Then rub the eyelashes from roots to tips. Repeat the procedure on the other eye. When finished, proceed with gluing. Biocleaner is also applied to the lashes on the strip to prevent clumps from folding. To do this, apply a drop of the biocleaner to the lash strip with a microbrush. Wait 30 seconds and start working. Repeat the operation when the tufts start to fold. COMPOSITION: Alcohol denat., Aqua, Cymbopogon Winterianus Extract, Parfum natural, Limonene PACKAGING: 12 ml, bottle with safety cap with dropper ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Biocleaner is produced in Spain and complies with all EU regulations SHELF LIFE: 36 months after opening

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