Biocleaner 12ml

Biocleaner 12ml


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Biocleaner with ROSEMARY EXTRACT replaces the traditional cleaner and primer.

Rosemary has a moisturizing effect on natural eyelashes.

It may have an action to accelerate the glue

Cleans, degreases and moisturizes natural lashes, so that the adhesive can bind well. The bond will be more durable if the glued surfaces are defatted. Rosemary extract provides the hydration necessary for gluing with cyanoacryl. This combination of ingredients makes the application much more durable.


We use Biocleaner for clean eyelashes (washed with eyelash shampoo). The preparation is applied with the help of micro brushes. 3 drops are recommended for one application.

It does not accelerate the glue.
Dose per drop on microbrush and wipe eyelashes. One client uses 3-4 drops.

BioCleaner is made in Spain from natural ingredients.

It is also available in the SENSITIVE version for sensitive eyes.


Color: colorless

Consistency: liquid

Shelf life: 36 months from the opening

Capacity: 7 ml / 12 ml dropper bottle

Application: degreasing of eyelashes before the procedure

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