Step 2 Fix and Volume eyelash and eyebrow laminating agent

Step 2 Fix and Volume eyelash and eyebrow laminating agent


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OKO Step 2 Fix and Volume is the second stage of eyelash lamination or long-term eyebrow styling. The agent  has an acidic environment. Product no. 2 neutralizes the effect of the first preparation, restores disulfide bonds, the hair around the eyes becomes stronger and more elastic, and fixes the shape. The agent has a comfortable texture that allows you to style your eyelashes in both a lying and sitting position.

One sachet of preparation №2 is enough for 5-6 lamination treatments and 4-5 long-term eyebrow styling treatments.

Made in Italy

Capacity: 1 ml

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How to use:

Before starting the treatment, it is important to properly assess the structure and condition of the hair. Hair can be porous, medium porosity or very porous. The exposure time of the agents on the hair will depend on this.
Remove the remnants of the client’s makeup with micellar water or eye makeup remover.
Degrease your eyelashes/eyebrows with any foaming shampoo or saline solution.
Apply №1 OKO LIFT to the eyelashes/eyebrows using a synthetic brush or microbrush. In the case of eyelash lamination, the agent should be applied to the bend of the roller (the most convex part). Spread the product evenly in a non-dense layer on the hair, trying to contact the skin as little as possible. Can be used under or without foil. Holding time from 6 to 13 minutes (see the “Ingredients exposure time” plate). The maximum exposure time of the ingredients should not exceed the exposure time for the selected hair group. Checking the condition of your hair every 3-4 minutes. The hair should absorb the ingredients and become more docile. After the exposure time has elapsed, carefully remove the agent with a dry cotton swab.
Apply and spread thoroughly ingredient no. 2 OKO FIX. Help you arrange your hair in the desired direction. Can be used under or without foil. The exposure time of composition No. 2 is from 5 to 12 minutes (see the plate). After the exposure time, remove the agent with a dry cotton pad. The fixation stage is responsible for restoring the bonds in the hair. You cannot reduce the exposure time of ingredient #2.
After exposure to product no. 2 and before applying product no. 3, you can perform eyebrow correction and eyebrow or eyelash tinting.
Apply product no. 3 to your eyelashes/eyebrows. The third stage does not require washing off and remains on the hair.


Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Acetaminophen, Phosphoric Acid, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal

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