FREEZER Hi-Lashes 3ml + free eyelash glue

FREEZER Hi-Lashes 3ml + free eyelash glue


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FREEZER glue, ideal for beginner and intermediate stylists, not recommended for customers / stylists sensitive to fumes. You will love it if you are looking for a strong, quick-drying glue.

Capacity: 3ml

Drying time: 1-1.5 seconds

Humidity: 40-70%

Temperature: 18-29 ° C

Black colour

Consistency: Thick

Vaporization: 7/10 (high)

Recommendations: Shake well before each use. Store the adhesive in an upright position in a cool and shaded place at a temperature below 18 ° C.

Avoid sunlight. Screw the cap tightly to avoid oxidation of the glue.

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