Biocleaner Cannabis 12 ml

Biocleaner Cannabis 12 ml


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Biocleaner Cannabis is intended for weak and damaged eyelashes.
For a unique product of the process of creating naturalness for gluing in styling (lengthening, thickening).
Biocleaner Cannabis is designed to work in humid conditions.
It is a hybrid aggressor, a cleaner, foundations and restorations.

Hemp biocleaner – maybe two integral ingredients:
– alcohol that degreases and cleans the eyelashes
– Cannabis sativa inventory that gives cannabidiol benefits, reactivations and antioxidant effects – hemp enhancement including CBD inhibit excessive free radical activity. Thus, they prevent the situation in free radicals, workers on the state of creation and the production of sebum. Hemp extract is also a book of many valuable active ingredients such as: carotene, phytosterols, phospholipids, minerals and vitamins.
They have a great influence on the lash application and the product itself has an influence.
The composition of Biocleanera Cannabis makes the eyelashes perfectly suited to sticking: clean, degreased, nourished and moisturized.
After the interaction of the biocleaner, we obtain a strong and durable joint, directly affecting the durability of the application.

Use on natural eyelashes, washed out with shampoo and well rinsed with water.
Apply 1 drop to the micro spatter. Drain as much by touching a microbrush to, for example, a paper towel.
So as to wipe the eyelashes from root to tip.
Activity on the other eye.
After proceed to gluing.
Biocleaner is used to make stripe eyelashes to prevent clump formation.
To do this, apply a drop of biocleaner to the lash strip with a microbrush.
Wait 30 seconds and start working.
Repeat the action when the tufts start to fold.
Note: Please cause chronic eyes before getting the product.
In the event of eye contact, rinse with running, lukewarm water or salt water.

Alkohol denat., Aqua, Cannabis Sativa Extract, Parfum natural (Cineol, Didehydropinane, Canfeno), Linalool, Limonene
12 ml, bottle with safety cap with dropper

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